Well & Connected ACTIVE Focus


Receive a FREE Wellness Bundle including a stretchy band, wellness journal, aromatherapy roller and much more! Use your wellness package to go along with 6 months worth of fitness & wellness support through our FREE app; All Strong Mind & Body.

What is Well & Connected?


All Strong are very pleased and super excited to announce Well & Connected at Home – an innovative and FREE community wellbeing project for Perth & Kinross providing direct and ongoing mental health self-management and overall wellness support to those facing extra challenges in this difficult time.  ‘Well & Connected at Home will enable up to 700 people in Perth & Kinross to engage in our self-management support programme, which will run for a minimum of 6 months. Th programme includes a timetable of dedicated online classes and drop-in sessions, through private dedicated groups within our app, All Strong Mind & Body, and Zoom sessions. Each participant will benefit from receiving a wellbeing bundle to support their wellbeing activity and engagement with the programme. The programme is split into two groups Active focusCreative Focus.  Well & Connected at Home- Active Focus is for young people ages 11-15 year olds (up to 500 participants) facing extra challenges. This can simply mean, facing extra challenges through the shared experience of life during lockdown. A participant can register through self- referral or referring organisations. A young person can be registered by their parent at any time while places last, up until September 15th. Once a participant is registered, they will receive ongoing online wellness support throughout the time of registration, to September 15th.  




Get Well & Connective-Active

Get Active. Get Well. Get Connected.

Physical Activity

Weekly Zoom drop-ins & Livestream sessions + weekly instructional video. 

  • HIIT with Chrystal- All Strong
  • Yoga with Mandy- 5 Alive Kids Yoga
  • Fitness & Strength with Caitlin- All Strong
  • Exercise of the week with Andy- All Strong

Also enjoy a growing library of fitness videos from our team of professional and friendly All Strong instructors all through our app: All Strong Mind & Body.

Weekly Mindfulness & Relaxation Sessions

Weekly relaxation session + a growing library of resources that can be accessed to further support your wellness journey

  • Weekly mindfulness and relaxation sessions
  • Bi-monthly creative projects

All lead by partner organisations  a wealth of resources to help you with your practice.

Peer Support

Peer support encouraged through All Strong Mind & Body app

  • Private community group where you can share your journey & support others on theirs.  
  • Instructors will have supporting posts that may include extra information about an exercise, a weekly activity or simply direct you to a relevant resource within the app.

Download our App: All Strong Mind & Body

ALL STRONG Mind & Body is a Community of peers dedicated to the improvement and self management of mental wellbeing, with a focus on physical activity, simple relaxations, and the power of peer support and exchange.

CONNECT, SUPPORT & INSPIRE yourself and others to become and stay physically active for the benefit of your mental wellbeing! 

BENEFIT from accessing our exclusive community features including Fitness & wellness instruction,  activities& resources.


Meet your guides

Well & Connected Facilitators

Sophie Hutton

Womens Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Instructor, Yoga Didi

Katie Edgar

Primary Teacher -Mindfulness Coach, Well Minds Listening

Mandy Arthur

Kids & Teen Yoga Instructor, 5 Alive: Kids Yoga

Roxanne Kerr

Therapist, Trauma Healing Together


Susanna & Alice, Young People's Team


What your wellbeing support looks like

Fitness Instruction

Weekly Fitness Classes from a variety of instructors

Creative Activities

Bi-Monthly ‘Get Creative’ project


Weekly ‘Mindful Me’ sessions  from Katie of Well Minds Listening+ Monthly workshops from Mindspace

Relaxation Techniques

Weekly ‘Sleeping Yoga’ sessions

Wellness Worksheets

Instructors will guide you to various worksheets offering activities to support your mental wellbeing and extra resources will be created as we go along.

Peer Support

Young people encourage eachother through their private group community feed.

Our Partners