Well & Connected CREATIVE


Receive a FREE Wellness Bundle including watercolours, art  journal, aromatherapy roller and much more! Use your wellness package to go along with 6 months worth of wellness support through our FREE app; All Strong Mind & Body.


What is Well & Connected? 

“All Strong are very pleased and super excited to announce Well & Connected at Home – an innovative and FREE community wellbeing project for Perth & Kinross providing direct and ongoing mental health self-management and overall wellness support to those facing extra challenges in this difficult time.  

‘Well & Connected at Home will enable up to 700 people in Perth & Kinross to engage in our self-management support programme, which will run for a minimum of 6 months. Th programme includes a timetable of dedicated online classes and drop-in sessions, through private dedicated groups within our app, All Strong Mind & Body, and Zoom sessions. 

Each participant will benefit from receiving a wellbeing bundle to support their wellbeing activity and engagement with the programme. 

The programme is split into two groups ‘Active’ & Creative’

CREATIVE FOCUS: For 16+ (up to 200 participants) with common mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic stress and low mood. Can self-refer.




Get Well & Connective-Creative

Get Creative. Get Well. Get Connected.


  •  Weekly Interactive Rest, Move, Create Zoom sessions. 
  • Weekly Get Creative projects
  • Types of activities include: Journaling  -Water Colours – Pastelles – Crafts

Complementary Wellness Activities

  • Weekly relaxation sessions
  • Bi-Monthly Mindfulness & Creativity workshops led by partner organisations
  • A growing library of resources to enjoy, including practices such as tapping meditations and guided relaxations


Peer Support & Professional Support


  •  Private community group where you can share your journey & support others on theirs.  
  •  Bi-monthly group wellness focused therapeutic sessions led by our partner professional therapist.


What your wellbeing support looks like

Fitness Instruction

  • Access to our public schedule weekly fitness classes plus our recorded resources.

Creative Activities

  • Weekly interactive Zoom session Rest, Move, Create + Weekly Get Creative project
  • 3 2 1/2 hour long art workshops with a professional artist



Bi-Monthly creativity & mindfulness workshops


Relaxation Techniques

  • Weekly  Sleeping Yoga sessions
  • A full library of recorded Sleeping Yoga sessions to do in your own time 


Wellness Worksheets

  • Instructors will guide you to various worksheets offering activities to support your mental wellbeing and additional resources will be created as we go along.


Peer Support & Professional Support

  • Dedicated private group for peer support 
  • Bi-Monthly theraputic sessions


All Strong Mind & Body

ALL STRONG Mind & Body is a Community of peers dedicated to the improvement and self management of mental wellbeing, with a focus on physical activity, simple relaxations, and the power of peer support and exchange.

CONNECT, SUPPORT & INSPIRE yourself and others to become and stay physically active for the benefit of your mental wellbeing! 

BENEFIT from accessing our exclusive community features including Fitness & wellness instruction,  activities& resources.



Sophie Hutton

Womens' Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor, Yoga Didi

Roxanne Kerr

Therapist, Trauma Healing Together

Katie Edgar

Primary Teacher -Mindfulness Coach, Well Minds Listening


Susanna & Alice, Young People's Team

Our Partners