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Change – the only constant

Change – the only constant When my son was a baby we measured his time on the planet in weeks.  “He’s four weeks old!” made perfect sense but by the time he reached 20 weeks my brain couldn’t handle the maths and we switched to months.  Coronavirus, like a badly behaved infant, has now been part of our lives for so long that I’ve stopped counting the weeks.  Little pleasures I took for granted before lockdown – going to the cinema or out for coffee, making holiday plans, James hurtling around the playpark – seem distant and unreal. As government guidelines adjust...

Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

Tips for Eating Out on a Diet A nice meal out doesn't have to be at the expense of a fat loss diet plan. I'm not here to tell you what to eat, but if you are at the counting calories stage of a fat loss plan, then here are a few tips for eating out that could help you avoid the extra calories that often come with it. MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Most restaurants have their menus online, and so if you know the destination in advance you can go through the options and select what best fits...