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FARTLEK – More than just a funny word!

FARTLEK - More than just a funny word! Swedish for 'Speed Play,' fartlek is a way to build strength, speed and endurance in a running session, by varying the intensity and length of intervals mixed into a steady-state run based on how you feel and what you're training for. EXAMPLE: You plan to run for 30 mins, and warm-up by jogging for the first 5. From there it's up to you! You choose the distance and speed of each interval. Sprint 100m to a park bench, then go back to a jog or your usual running pace to recover. Next you might aim...

Steamed Banana Bread, Healthy Eats, Perth Scotland

Steamed Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Steamed Whole Wheat Banana Bread Rice Cooker Recipes   Here we are with another simple recipe made possible by your one and only rice cooker. This steamed cake is not only simple and tasty but also a healthier option to your average variety as it is made with wholemeal flour providing a lower GI than white flour. In addition, the use of coconut oil provides slightly lower amounts of saturated fats than butter. Why steamed? Simply gather the ingredients, blend them together, pour them into the rice cooker bowl and press the button. Super easy, super tasty without having to worry about burning...

All-In-One Rice Cooker Recipes

All-In-One Rice Cooker Meals Turkey Patties, Mixed Grains and Veg   Hi guys! After writing about my love affair with the rice cooker in my last post, I thought I’d share a bit about how I actually use mine, so here is your All-In-One Rice Cooker Meal - Steamed Turkey with Mixed Grain and Veg. Take out your favourite grains and veggies and lets steam some turkey patties! First, I’d like to take a moment to say these recipes' measurements are just meant to be a guide. It’s great to eventually not rely on the scale and begin to let go and eye it, saving you...