PKAVS Young Carers Wellness Programme 


PKAVS Young Carers Programme

We are currently providing programmes for young unpaid carers in partnership with PKAVS Young Carer’s Hub. This is an abilities fitness class with guided relaxation, peer support and wellness resources.

What your wellbeing support looks like


Weekly fitness classes at All Strong as well as a library of full length and short ‘how to’ fitness videos on our app: All Strong Mind & Body

Creative Activities

You can find creative wellness activities and resources in the Well & Connected Programme section of our app Also, get a wellbeing bundle that includes creative art materials to help you through your wellness journey in one of our programmes.


Find mindfulness activities for both adults and children on our app: All Strong Mind & Body.

Relaxation Techniques

Check out our latest ‘sleeping Yoga’ recordings, guided relaxations and self care videos on our app: All Strong Mind & Body

Wellness Worksheets

Various worksheets offering activities to support your mental wellbeing.

Peer Support & Professional Support

Find support through like minded peers on the community feed of our app: All Strong Mind & Body


All Strong Mind & Body

ALL STRONG Mind & Body is a Community of peers dedicated to the improvement and self management of mental wellbeing, with a focus on physical activity, simple relaxations, and the power of peer support and exchange.

CONNECT, SUPPORT & INSPIRE yourself and others to become and stay physically active for the benefit of your mental wellbeing! 

BENEFIT from accessing our exclusive community features including Fitness & wellness instruction,  activities& resources.