ALL STRONG is a Community of peers dedicated to the improvement and self management of mental wellbeing, with a focus on physical activity, simple relaxations, and the power of peer support and exchange.

This community highlights positive mental health and wellbeing as a primary goal in participating in any kind of physical activity. This powerful tool of self-management, especially when combined with simple relaxations, and encouraged and inspired by a supportive community of peers, can form the basis of a strategy for the self-management of a number of common mental health conditions, in addition to developing confidence and building resilience and coping ability.

CONNECT, SUPPORT & INSPIRE yourself and others to become and stay physically active for the benefit of your mental wellbeing!

BENEFIT from accessing our exclusive community features:


  • private groups covering a range of wellbeing and mental health topics, recovery as well as physical activity interests
  • exclusive small support groups to help you share the journey, get started and keep going, with mutual motivation, sharing aspirations, struggles and achievements
  •  inspiring stories with regular new content, including interviews, community stories, podcasts, live streams