Fitness to
feel better


What is Fitness to Feel Better?

This is a 6 week, small group online programme of activity, guided relaxation and peer connection across a range of key wellbeing themes and tools via the All Strong Mind & Body App and Zoom. Programmes are aimed at people  seeking to support the self-management of common mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and chronic stress and low mood.

Thanks to the National Lottery Players, we are currently running subsidised courses for £32.

What your wellbeing support looks like


Weekly fitness classes at All Strong as well as a library of full length and short ‘how to’ fitness videos on our app: All Strong Mind & Body

Creative Activities

You can find creative wellness activities and resources in the Well & Connected Programme section of our app Also, get a wellbeing bundle that includes creative art materials to help you through your wellness journey in one of our programmes.


Find mindfulness activities for both adults and children on our app: All Strong Mind & Body.

Relaxation Techniques

Check out our latest ‘sleeping Yoga’ recordings, guided relaxations and self care videos on our app: All Strong Mind & Body

Wellness Worksheets

Various worksheets offering activities to support your mental wellbeing.

Peer Support & Professional Support

Find support through like minded peers on the community feed of our app: All Strong Mind & Body


All Strong Mind & Body

ALL STRONG Mind & Body is a Community of peers dedicated to the improvement and self management of mental wellbeing, with a focus on physical activity, simple relaxations, and the power of peer support and exchange.

CONNECT, SUPPORT & INSPIRE yourself and others to become and stay physically active for the benefit of your mental wellbeing! 

BENEFIT from accessing our exclusive community features including Fitness & wellness instruction,  activities& resources.