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about siobhan

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I’m a passionate, hard-working REP’s registered fitness professional with the ability and skills to teach diverse groups, working towards a variety of targets and goals. I was trained as a professional dancer and performed for many years dancing in various countries and shows.
My training and practice as a dancer have been an extremely useful basis for my training for the fitness industry with many of the skills being transferable. Having entered the fitness industry through an ‘Exercise to Music’ qualification I subsequently wanted to expand my skillset and completed the Level 3 Personal Trainer course with the YMCA in London.
The combination of a dance background with personal fitness skills provides me with greater scope to be creative when it comes to Personal Training programmes. My performance background enhances my ability to take group sessions with confidence and to be adaptable when necessary in either a group or on a one-to-one basis.
I’m committed to making these skills accessible to others in order for them to achieve their own fitness goals in a way that fits their own needs.

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