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The Benefits of Guided Relaxation – Fitness and Wellbeing Perth – Scotland All-Strong

The Benefits of Guided Relaxation - Fitness and Wellbeing Perth - Scotland All-Strong You've had a great workout, invigorated your body, enjoyed some endorphins and released some stress - you've challenged yourself to do it and you've won! Focussed breathing and full-body stretching follow, soothing the nervous system and easing the muscles. Then lie comfortably, lavender-scented pillow optional, and let the eyes fall shut. And here begins the guided relaxation - a time to enjoy a complete rest, a short journey into stillness. 'But I don't need that,' some might muse, 'I relax in front of the TV almost every night, or...

The Squat, Home Workout Perth Scotland


EXERCISE AT HOME It's recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of higher intensity aerobic activity weekly, including or in addition to two days of strength training covering all major muscle groups. Walking, running and cycling are great options, and training in nature can provide a further array of mental and emotional benefits in addition to the many physical advantages of being active. Our classes and PT services at Scotland All-Strong offer great opportunities for aerobic and muscular training, as well as stress relief, relaxation, encouragement, knowledge and peer support in a small group setting.EXERCISES...

Weight Loss?

WEIGHT LOSS?  FAT LOSS! People often say that they need or would like to 'lose weight.' However, weight is just a number on the scales, and one which fluctuates constantly even throughout a day. If you drink a large glass of water, a healthy thing to do, you will immediately weigh more, but will not be fatter or less healthy.  Weight loss doesn't equate to feeling better, looking better, waist size, or fitting into those jeans. Instead of the scales, better indicators in a fat loss or body transformation journey include: waist measurements (make sure to measure at the same place each...

The Glorious Rice Cooker

The Glorious Rice Cooker   I'd like to take a moment to talk about this often under appreciated 'set and forget' cooking appliance. Spending years living in various countries in Asia, I noticed this multi- tasking appliance in every families' home, often taking precedent over cookers, always on, warming a pot of rice for any given meal. I wasn't much into rice myself then but when I returned to the Western world I picked up a model with cooking functions for short and long grain rice, heat/simmer, steam and warm. I began experimenting a little, moving away from the traditional white stuff...