Action Through Training

Exercise – from a one minute plank during a commercial break to an hour in the gym or three hours running on the road to your first marathon – it’s all action. With so many unknowns amidst the seeming chaos of an increasingly complex society it can often be hard to know what to do, and even harder to actually do it. Training, however, as long as performed with safe technique, yields predictable results. In the short term you’ll feel better. Almost immediately. Often the endorphin feel-good factor can be carried with you as you move into the rest of the day. You will also likely feel a sense of achievement, however small, simply for showing up.
With exercise, anything is better than nothing, and even a gentle or short session can yield physical and psychological benefits and help you to at least maintain current fitness levels. If, however, you’ve added volume or intensity, then once recovered you will have a bit more strength, fitness or endurance. Either way, doing something, anything, creates something to build on, a way of moving forward that is more controllable than most factors in life. Whatever’s happening in your head, career, family, relationships or bank account, you can find consistency and development to be proud of by taking action through training.