Happy Hatchling
Dynamic Equilibrium: Balance in Motion

This is from a wonderful book called Move, Play and Learn with Smart Steps which is one of the resources I use when coming up for ideas for the wee movers class. It takes children on a “sequential journey of physical development structured for optimal learning impact,” and divides activities into different kinetic categories. Today’s category is Balance (vestibular) on the scale. It also divides the activities by the children’s stage on the kinetic scale. There are 6 stages but our Toddler Yoga children are generally considered Stompers at ages approximately 20 months-3 1/2 years so I will focus on an activity for that group.

Today my son and I took a break form the Perth’s city centre Halloween activities to come to the studio and try an activity called ‘Happy Hatchling’ which tests dynamic orientation. ‘Experiencing different positions while in motion is great practice for the more complex, whole body movements come.’

We did the EGG STRETCH, which is when you hold your child securely on a fitness ball while he is on his tummy. You place a toy for the child to reach as you tilt the ball all the way forward and
then backwards.

Afterwards we tried out the UPSIDE-DOWN EGG STRETCH which is the same thing but instead of your child on their tummy, you have them securely held on their back.

Lastly, we did the EGG ROLL which is when you tilt the ball to the right and the left as you securely hold them. The book suggests to hold the ball with your knees but I managed to tilt him comfortably  without using my knees.

So simple, but let me tell you, I heard “one more time” for ten minutes until I finally had to put the activity to an end… He loved it! We’ll be sure to do this one in class!

Connell, Gill, Pirie, Wendy, McCarthy, Cheryl. Move, Play and Learn with Smart Steps.: Sequenced activities to build the bodying the brain (birth to age 7) Golden Valley, MN USA, Free Spirit Publishing, 2016. Print