Mindful Fitness – Good Training Demands It!

Being mindful, living in the moment, aware of the present – essential if you’ve got a 200kg barbell across your back and you’re planning to squat it! Essential also for any exercise that’s to be performed for best effect, with correct technique, safely, enjoyably and for results.

Attention must be paid to breath, foot and hand position, alignment of the spine, head, hips, knees, and bracing of the core – and all that before the movement even begins! The same principle holds true for any exercise, whether it be a brisk walk or an attempt at a new personal best in the deadlift, effectiveness demands present focus and calm attention – mindfulness.

When we’re fully engaged, mind and body, in our training, it’s near impossible to be worried about work, stressed by finances or the future, or gripped by anxieties or sadness. Mindful training is a release from the habitual stories of the mind. Combine that with endorphins, the feel-good chemical released during exercise, and you get a double-hit of happy. Practised over time through consistent fitness training, the mind-body connection becomes as natural as it should be, and you will find yourself frequently revelling in and looking forward to what could be described as ‘The Zone,’ a period in your training session where the effort flows freely and the simple joy of movement is instant reward.

Muscle fibres may be torn and it might hurt at times, but a good fitness training session can provide a mentally restorative break from an increasingly stressful world and pace of life. There is training to suit all levels and preferences, and it is all best done mindfully.

Happy training – enjoy every moment!