Fitness to Feel Better, is a small-group 8 week programme to support the recovery from, early intervention and self-management of common mental health conditions.

This unique peer support initiative blends the powerful self-management tools of physical activity, mindful relaxation and peer exchange into comfortable small-group sessions in a fully-private and inviting setting.


  • 8 weeks, 8 sessions
  •  all programmes have the format of movement, relaxation and peer exchange
  •  in each programme the movement/physical activity element will be based on either fitness & strength, Pilates, or yoga
  •  gradually progress, go at your own pace, with friendly encouragement but no pressure
  • 45 mins movement, 15 mins relaxation, 30 mins facilitated peer exchange with free teas, coffee, fruit, biscuits
  • *£32 per person for the 8 week programme, thanks to National Lottery Players and the National Lottery Community Fund for enabling the programme to be offered at this great subsidised price


  • Scotland All-Strong, 3rd Floor Drummond House, 6 Scott Street, Perth, PH1 5EJ. Our secure entrance with buzzer is next to Costa coffee on the Scott Street side.
  •  Fully private, central location
  •  Outstanding range of fun and effective equipment, studio and comfortable seating/social area


  • Fitness to Feel Better is aimed at anyone aiming to develop confidence in their ability to use these tools to support their mental health and overall wellbeing.
  •  16 years and over, however, we aim to launch programmes for specific age groups going forward, including teens and youths
  •  Residents of Perthshire
  • Able to engage in physical activity (participants will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire to ensure they are safe to exercise, but should always get clearance to exercise from a medical professional if in any doubt


  • This programme blends together and provides positive experience of several proven tools for the self-management, recovery, prevention and early intervention of mild to moderate common mental health conditions
  • Gain positive experience of tools of self-management
  • To support the journey towards greater control of mental and physical health and overall wellbeing in the longer term
  • Fitness to Feel Better is a great way to get into or back into exercise, to have a go at methods of making yourself feel better, and Scotland All-Strong is a comfortable place to step outside your comfort zone
  • Everyone has mental health, and as with physical health it is subject to ebb and flow – Fitness to Feel Better will help you build a tool box of self-management strategies enabling you to maintain or improve your mood, confidence, sense of purpose and achievement, self-esteem, energy levels, quality of sleep, mindset and outlook
  • This programme has been created, designed and is being led by those with vast lived experience of mental health struggles, with multiple conditions, and those in recovery and self-management


  • The FIRST PROGRAMME of FITNESS TO FEEL BETTER beings SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 4:30pm to 6:00pm. The activity element will be based on general fitness & strength, and will be led by Andy
  • New start dates will be announced regularly, so look out for your choice of workout
  • There will be a range of dates/days and times


  • Please email Andy – [email protected] to get a referral form
  • Participants will be asked to complete a referral form (can self-refer), a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire), and will be sent an invoice to pay the course cost of £32, which can then be paid by card online or by bank transfer
  • Please feel free to message with any enquiries

Fitness to Feel Better is a great way to get start with some support in the journey of helping yourself to feel better –  boosting mental and physical health, and confidently using some powerful tools of self-management for your wellbeing in the longer term.


[email protected]