Stress Smashers at Scotland All-Strong

Fitness to Feel Better – For Mental and Physical Benefits, and Total Wellbeing

Most people these days have to deal with some measure of stress as part of everyday life, with triggers and stressful situations coming from all aspects of living, including work, relationships, family, finance, mental and physical health, habits, lifestyle and the world at large. Stress, it seems, is unlikely to ever go away – and so it’s our responses and reactions to it that we must learn to develop if we are to function calmly and relax ourselves when faced with difficult situations or life events.

Exercise, in all its forms, is a great and proven stress-reliever. Stretching, focussed breathing and mindful relaxation are others. In Stress Smashers, we’ve combined the best elements to provide you with a quality hour-long session that will work from different angles to leave you feeling invigorated, clear and calm.

  • WORKOUT – release tensions and frustrations with punching, slam balls, battle ropes, Airbike intervals, weights … and much more (suitable for all levels of ability and experience, with options and alternatives for everything)
  • STRETCH – to soothe the nervous system, unwind muscles, promote deep breathing and mind-body connection
  • GUIDED RELAXATION – to mindfully unwind, relax the body and still the mind
  • FREE teas, coffee, fresh fruit – you are always welcome to hang out in our comfy seating area after class to ask any questions or just have a wee chat with peers/ instructor


There are many ways that people deal with stress and relax, and many of them are not necessarily healthy or beneficial to us in the long run. Understandably, when it’s already been a long, tough day, or when there’s more still to come, it can be difficult to leave home to attend a class that does require some effort to get the benefits. It can seem easier to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, or distract and numb with TV, the Internet, or comfort eating. Most of us who have tried these methods know that although there may be elements of instant gratification, we do ourselves no favours by side-stepping the stress that is still occupying body and mind. Exercise and mindful relaxation, however, are powerful tools of self-management that will not only release tension from your entire system, but will also develop resilience, the mind-body connection, awareness of stress in the body, and clear routes to relaxation that will benefit your wellbeing in countless other ways besides.

For most it will include a step outside a comfort zone, and so Scotland All-Strong have established a tailor-made environment for small-group training that is welcoming, laid-back, and an ideal first step into becoming more active, particularly for mental health benefits.

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SCOTLAND ALL-STRONG, Scott Street, Perth