TIME & REP CHALLENGES: An Approach To Home Training

So many of us started lockdown with great intentions and high ambitions in regards to home exercise, with the reality and practical aspects of juggling work, self and family life taking the edge off these for many. This in turn has led to feelings of guilt, self-doubt, concern over lost gains, and motivational issues for many. Gyms are doing well to provide content from familiar faces, but the online fitness industry was already giant, and so lack of content is definitely not the issue.

We have an exciting development in the works to be announced shortly, but in the meantime, the approach of TIME and/or REP CHALLENGES from 2 to 5 days a week, can provide you with the flexibility and simplicity needed to reduce apprehension and confusion.


– An effective approach to exercise at home
– Measurable gains in specific exercises and muscle areas
– Simple
– Easy to set goals to
– Allows for busy schedule
– Works well alongside a daily hour of outdoor exercise such as walk, walk-jog, jog/run, cycling, sprints etc. and in conjunction with other home workouts
– Low pressure (mentally) and flexible
– Achievable Challenge, helping to provide focus and progress, boosting ability and confidence
– The workout is less daunting and easier to approach, as you just do as many or as much in one go as you feel like, and choose when you go back to it (e.g.. do a few sets within 5 mins, or do a big set and come back to it a few hours later – there’s no right or wrong in terms of how you split it up – just that rep or time target for one exercise for the day


– Select an exercise for each day that you would like to workout (2 to 5 exercises/days should work well for most, depending on circumstance and level)
– Throughout the day, as you can, build up the reps or time for that day’s exercise, either to completion of a set target/goal, or as a running total to see where you get (not necessarily always as many as you can – just go by how you feel, and you might surprise yourself by how you react to it in terms of both motivation and the adaptations your body will make.
– It’s up to you if you want to stick to the same 3 to 5 exercises each week, or choose new ones. Repeating the same selection of exercises will allow you to measure progress, set appropriate new targets and goals better, and is likely to help you keep those gains longer, developing a foundational strength and ability in each of the exercises.
– If you like, you can do this with two exercises in a day, but try to avoid anymore than that to keep the approach and muscular overload simple
– You can also add in a mindful relaxation element by including a simple practice such as 20 focussed deep breaths daily, in sets of 5 – a great way to start and end the day, as well as destress and centre as required
– Avoid doing a big set from an inactive state, and do a few reps or short time on the exercise first, where appropriate, to warm-up for a bigger effort


DAY 1: Forearm Plank (from knees, full, or a combo) – 10 minutes
DAY 2: Squats (from a chair/box/ with a jump, with DBs etc.) – 150
DAY 3: Lateral Dumbbell Raise (with whatever appropriate weight you have) – 100
DAY 4: Burpees -30
DAY 5: Push-Ups (from knees or full) – 30


DAY 1: Forearm Plank – 12 minutes
DAY 2: Squats – 180
DAY 3: Lateral Dumbbell Raise – 120
DAY 4: Burpees – 40
DAY 5: Push-Ups – 35

Of course, choose the exercises and set your own targets according to your current ability and go at your own pace. Please get in touch if you are not sure of the best exercises, frequency or appropriate targets for you and we will be happy to help.

This can work with a huge range of exercises, and targets can be made on the day to fit in with mood and energy levels.


FOR REPS: squats, burpees, push-ups, lateral or front raises, lunges, air punches, air kicks, crunches, Russian twists, air bicycles, kettlebell (or appropriate object) swings, hops, jump rope, star jumps/jumping jacks …

FOR TIME: plank (and any variations), wall squat, t-hold (arms out to sides in line with shoulders, with any added resistance), front hold, high knees (walking or running), steps, shadow boxing,

Get in touch if you have any questions or need some support, from a friendly ear to full wellbeing support!

Thanks, and stay safe and well!