Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

A nice meal out doesn’t have to be at the expense of a fat loss diet plan. I’m not here to tell you what to eat, but if you are at the counting calories stage of a fat loss plan, then here are a few tips for eating out that could help you avoid the extra calories that often come with it.

  • MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Most restaurants have their menus online, and so if you know the destination in advance you can go through the options and select what best fits with your eating plan. If it’s a good restaurant it will be delicious regardless of the calorie content! Pre-selecting your dishes could help you avoid the temptations resulting from the sights and smells that may greet you upon arrival.
  • CONSIDER HOW IT IS COOKED: If the amount of calories isn’t listed, you can be confident that dishes that are grilled, steamed, roasted or poached will be less calorific than those that are fried, battered, breaded, crispy or sautéed.
  • QUESTION THE THREE COURSE STANDARD: While it can be nice to splash out, if you’re not used to eating three courses at home, doing so at a restaurant can easily make you feel overfull. It might be a good idea, calorie wise, to choose one extra to the main course, such as a starter, dessert or soft/alcoholic drink, but not all three. This way the experience will still feel like a treat but without going all-out and feeling negatively about it shortly after.
  • DON’T GO HUNGRY: A healthy appetite of course will allow you to enjoy dining out a lot more than if you’re full, but if you’ve been craving food for several hours then the possibility of over-eating increases. A healthy snack an hour or so before arriving can help to dissipate hunger, allowing you to make choices in-line with your plan.

Whatever you choose, enjoy, and always remember that even in the event of overeating, even several times, often, no diet plan is ever ruined, and there’s still every reason to get back to chasing your health and fitness goals. Happy eating!