INHALE, EXHALE. The tension the mind creates, the body holds.

With conscious breathing are gently guided into a state of relaxation, by locating tension with a long inhale, and letting it dissolve with a peaceful exhale, breath by breath by breath.

One fun way we can practice this with our children is by using bubbles to practice the long deep inhale and the long soft exhale.

Another fun activity you can do at home to help your child find their breath is done best by using feathers, or other light materials such as cotton wool or tissue paper balls:

  • Begin by holding a feather in your hand, demonstrating the breath, and then let them have a go.
  • Progress by letting them hold the feather in their own hand.
  • Play feather volley by lying facing each other with one cheek on the floor, and try blowing the feather between you back and forth to each other
  • Have your little one blow feathers onto sticky tape placed in the corner of walls.

Demonstrating and practicing the power of breath with your child can be fun, and also a very useful calming tool.

(My 3 year old has reminded me to take deep breaths a couple of times this week already!)

Go with the flow!


Breath Practice for Toddlers