Scotland All-Strong is a non-profit fitness and wellbeing studio, providing and promoting fitness, strength, relaxation and peer support for the improved mental and physical wellbeing of the people of Perthshire.

Wellbeing – Feeling Better than Fine!

‘How are you?’ – a short question with infinite answers. With both physical and mental wellbeing, things are rarely as simple and neat as healthy or unhealthy. In the absence of any clear illness, symptom or condition, there is still a huge range of ways to feel, an endless array of energies we can bring to our experiences and daily lives. Often it seems there can be little or no accounting for why it is we feel the way we do. Is it down to luck, mind-set, current environment, passed environments, nutrition, hydration, sleep, activity levels, stress levels, genetics, and lifestyle choices? Yes. A complex formula of subtle factors play in to our current mental and physical states, our level of wellbeing, and it can therefore be difficult to pin point exactly how the various elements of your life affect how you feel as you live it.

Physical activity, in the right environment and with professional guidance, will provide a boost to mood, mental health (regardless of starting point), and physical energy levels. When used consistently over time, and with the right kind of approach, fitness and strength training can make you feel mentally and physically awesome, bringing confidence to meeting challenges, a general feeling of resilience and tenacity in daily life, a sense of purpose and resolve to keep pushing. Combine this with the friendship and peer support opportunities that our small-group environment provides, alongside the well-received guided relaxations that follow some of our workouts and are included in our programmes, and you have a simple formula of self-management tools that can genuinely raise how you feel in body and mind, and when used consistently, can revolutionise your outlook on life.

At Scotland All-Strong we speak from lived experience, and it’s now difficult to go a day without a celebrity article or interview that doesn’t highlight the ability of physical activity to improve anxiety, bouts of depression, or mental health in general. That’s not to say that progress is linear, but bumps in the road don’t ever mean that we should turn back – on the contrary, we should keep going, get passed it, feel proud and smile as we look back on how far we’ve come.

Improved wellbeing, that is better than not bad, is within the reach of each of us, and the more we strengthen our internal locus of control, the idea that we have power over our lives, that we can make our minds, bodies and lives better, the better they will become.

Although you have to take the steps yourself, Scotland All-Strong has been set-up specifically to get people started and to support journeys toward greater wellbeing. Let us help you get started in the right direction!