As a non-profit social enterprise in the form of a community interest company, all of our profits go back into the business to support our social aims – to provide and promote fitness, strength and relaxation for mental health benefits, as well as some unique family-friendly options.

We aim to work with a variety of charities and organisations that support those with mental health issues, and provide a welcoming and comfortable space in which to build knowledge, confidence and ability in fitness and relaxation techniques – powerful tools of self-management. All classes are small-group in our fully private studio, and will provide a progressive programme of exercise to invigorate with mindful movement, stretching and deep breathing to unwind, and guided relaxation to find calm. Our referrals groups, Fitness to Feel Better, will develop and strengthen an internal locus of control in participants, empowering them to take more control of their health and fitness in the longer term, using exercise and relaxation as dependable strategies to feel better in good times and bad.

As parents of a three year old, we fully appreciate that it can be difficult to juggle child care and work and then find the time and space to exercise, and so we have developed some unique family-friendly options.



Both Jess and I have struggled with bouts of poor mental health, and in the past we have used self-medication and other unhealthy habits as coping mechanisms. With well-controlled OCD (after 25 years), general anxiety, social anxiety, catastrophic thinking and bouts of depression, for years I would go back and forth between self-medication through alcohol and heavy smoking on one hand, and hard training and sound nutrition on the other. When my Mum passed away, I trained for and completed a half, then full marathon. When my Dad had passed away, many years earlier, I just drank.

After twenty years I have come out on the side of health, and have found that consistent, quality training and conscious relaxation are the most powerful and reliable tools at my disposal. They are the only positive addictions I have, and a guard against the rest! I will be in recovery and self-management for the rest of my life, and will enjoy a wide variety of training and mindful living on the journey. We would like to help as many people as possible to learn about and experience the benefits of fitness, strength and relaxation for mental health benefits, and have developed our social enterprise and services to this end.