Our Vision – Scotland All-Strong

A Community Interest Company – All Strong Scotland CIC

With our unique and welcoming environment, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we aim to provide positive experiences of exercise, and a comfortable step into or back into fitness and strength training in a private, small-group environment. We offer a range of family-friendly classes that enable parents and children to interact through exercise, wee ones to play together, and parents to benefit from a blether and peer support in our seating area.

As a social enterprise we will provide and promote fitness, strength and mindful relaxation as powerful tools of self-management, recovery and relapse prevention for mental health, including anxiety, depression, chronic stress and low mood. We are currently working with groups from Perth Autism Support and @ScottStreet, a council initiative supporting youths, building confidence, ability and self-belief through quality training in a comfortable environment of peers. In the near future we hope to add more programmes for groups of peers, including but not limited to users of other local organisations and charities supporting users who could benefit from some training to help manage mild to moderate mental health issues.

Working with other local activity providers, we are happy to act as a stepping stone for those looking to build confidence, knowledge, self-belief and ability in an accessible and quiet environment before moving on to outdoor exercise or more traditional gyms.

As we develop and grow we will strive to deliver classes, programmes and courses that best meet the varied needs of users, and offer our services further afield to raise awareness and provide direct help to people trying to become more active and take control of their health and fitness in the long term.

We invite anyone who is interested in our public classes, training, our social aims or studio in general to get in touch to arrange a time to come by to see the space and have a wee chat.

Andy and Jess