Scotland All-Strong – An Overview

As a non-profit community interest company, our purpose is to provide and promote positive experiences of fitness, strength and mindful relaxation for mental health as well as physical benefits and overall wellbeing. 

Scotland All-Strong will provide that essential first step into or back into mindful physical activity, for mental health benefits and total wellbeing, providing a positive experience for hundreds of local residents each year that will empower them to take more control over their health and fitness in the longer term, for the self-management and recovery from anxiety, depressions, chronic stress and low mood. Through our family-friendly classes, we help parents overcome barriers to exercise and gain much-needed social engagement and support, in addition to the mental and physical benefits of the classes.

Scotland is experiencing a mental health crisis. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue, and 9 out of 10 of those will experience stigma in relation to it. We provide a facility and services designed to offer local residents experiencing mental health issues a tailor-made small group environment of peers to positively experience quality exercise suitable for all levels, with a specific focus on how mindful activity can be used in self-management and recovery. We aim to alter perceptions towards exercise, both in terms of its purpose and how it should be approached and experienced.

The majority of people who join traditional gyms don’t consistently go. This is how gyms are able to continue selling membership contracts without getting any fuller. The January/February surge is short-lived! Most people now know that exercise is good for them, but a doctor, friend, relative or colleague suggesting or recommending that is not enough. Employers are frequently offering discount or free gym memberships in an effort to shore up low productivity and reduce absences, often the result of widespread stress and mental health issues amongst staff. This solves nothing. For those in employment, the barrier is far more likely to be psychological than financial. A supportive, informative and positive experience in a welcoming environment is key to finding enjoyment in exercise and long-term adherence, and therefore to experiencing the corresponding benefits for mental and physical wellbeing and self-management.

We provide a welcoming small group setting with the expressed aim of benefitting user’s mental health and providing them with the tools to manage their own recovery. Clients receive far more personal attention and support, with safe technique, encouragement etc. in our small group classes than they would in a gym or traditional group class, and therefore are more likely to benefit from the workouts, remain motivated and injury free, and enjoy coming to them in the long term. Instructors are also able to develop excellent rapport with users, allowing them to provide support, non-judgemental listening and encouragement.

If you would like to find out more about how Scotland All-Strong can help you, your family, company or organisation, please get in touch today.