We are super-excited and very pleased to announce that our app, All Strong Mind & Body, has gone live and is now available for download in the app stores!

ALL STRONG Mind & Body is a community dedicated to recovery, self-management and thriving in relation to all aspects of mental wellbeing. Connect with like-minded others through a great range of activity and interest groups, allowing us to share the journey as we each develop our individual boxes of self-management tools.

All Strong is a place to lift each other up, to not only support each other and ourselves through challenging life events, recovery and living with mental health conditions, but to develop as people and a community, and to show that by taking responsibility and choosing our own happiness, we can create the lives we want and inspire others to do the same in the process.

Some benefits of ALL STRONG Mind & Body include:

  • A wide range of activity and interest groups, including Get Active, Rest & Relaxation, Hopes & Dreams, Find Your Creativity, Cook/Bake/Juice, Photography… and more!
  • Guided Relaxations, including Sleeping Yoga (Yoga Nidra, with Sophie from Yoga Didi)
  • Short Energisers to Get You Moving Coming Regularly
  • Stories and Blogs from the Community
  • Interviews with Organisations and Chats with Wellbeing Providers
  • It can be anonymous, as you can choose your username and picture.
  • Provides low-pressure accountability, encouragement and inspiration in aiming to proactively improve mental wellbeing
  • In-App Friends, Messaging and Group Chat
  • Podcasts, Livestreams
  • Community-Led – We aim to develop the app based on the needs and interested of its members!

If you’re thinking about or are already taking steps and actions to improve your mental health, wellbeing and mindset, then share the journey with ALL STRONG – Mind & Body!

Andy & Jess Douglas

Founders and Directors – All Strong Scotland CIC