ALL STRONG SCOTLAND CIC has been delivering our innovative blended programmes of activity, mindful relaxation and peer exchange since 2018, and is Scotland’s original non-profit wellbeing gym and social enterprise.

From 2018 to start of lockdown 2020 we delivered over fifteen eight-week in-person bespoke and progressive programmes of Fitness to Feel Better to local partners, including for unpaid carers in partnership with PKAVS and Support in Mind, Perth Autism Support, Services for Young People, as well as for the general public.


We believe each individual is the ultimate expert in their own journey and experience. Developing self-management skills and tools for mental and physical health and wellbeing empowers people to take simple actions that can significantly improve the quality of everyday life, mood and outlook.

Having seen many lives cut short and the quality heavily impacted by unhealthy responses or lack of action in relation to stress and common mental health conditions, we have combined lived experience with professional qualifications and a strong track record of programme delivery to bring you Fitness to Feel Better, our blended approach to supporting and kickstarting self-management of mental and physical health and wellbeing.


While many in the fitness industry continue to talk in terms of weight-loss and aesthetics, and others jump on the mental health and wellbeing bandwagon, All Strong bring development of mind and body together, building in-depth condfidence and a true understanding and positive experience of using self-management tools for your longer-term wellness journey!

While most goals, including those relating to body shape and weight, remain valid, All Strong put complete mental and physical wellbeing as a key priority, a foundation of vibrant health from which all other goals can better be reached.

All Strong believes in being well beyond the physical, and in transforming outlook and approach for deep and lasting confidence and empowerment.


Due to the ongoing uncertainty of COVID restrictions, as well as the fast-paced changes we all have to adapt to, we have moved our programmes online, and will now be delivering 6 week programmes through a combination of our App, ALL STRONG Mind & Body, and Zoom.

  • 6 Week Progressive Programme (feedback suggests 6 weeks is an ideal amount of time that balances effectiveness, flexibility and realistic commitment)
  • Fitness, Relaxation, Support
  • Full Access to Gym Community in-app, which features a full timetable of livestreamed classes and class archive, providing fitness options 24/7
  • Fully Private Support Group in-app. FTFB Groups will provide a safe place to share the journey and will provide mutual motivation and low-pressure accountability.
  • Fitness Options (We will be running various FTFB programmes ongoing, and whereas some will provide a variety of activity options, others will focus on Pilates, gentl bodyweight, chair-based, high intensity, etc. – something for all abilities)
  • Outstanding supporting materials to engage with, discuss and implement throughout the programme and beyond


Fitness to Feel Better is aimed at everyone everywhere, however, some groups will be more specific and will be restricted (eg. women only, men only, specific age groups, specific challenges or conditions). FTFB programmes will be ongoing and will have regular start dates covering various day/time options as well as different participants, and so if there isn’t a suitable programme for you, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Fitness to Feel Better is in-depth support towards improved self-management of mental and physical wellbeing, and is ideal for those who are functional but may be struggling, or for those in a slump, and who would like to take more control going forward. FTFB is here to help you thrive, to rediscover vitality, improve energy and outlook and give you the tools you need to continue the journey in a supportive group environment.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining one of our upcoming programmes, then please message us through Facebook (All Strong), or email Andy – [email protected]