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Adjusting to a New Normal by Alice Gall Where do I begin? A couple of weeks ago I was joking about panic-buying wine and chocolate.  I was seeing friends and walking my little boy to nursery.  Now I look out of my window upon an eerily silent street, I have a child who misses his pals, and a long day ahead.  My phone relentlessly spews bad news. Responding to the spread of coronavirus, the government instruction for us all to cease non-essential social contact has fundamentally changed our lives.  With the closure of schools, family life has been turned upside down. Personally, I am...

PROGRAMME LAUNCH: Fitness to Feel Better, with Scotland All-Strong

Fitness to Feel Better, is a small-group 8 week programme to support the recovery from, early intervention and self-management of common mental health conditions. This unique peer support initiative blends the powerful self-management tools of physical activity, mindful relaxation and peer exchange into comfortable small-group sessions in a fully-private and inviting setting. WHAT? 8 weeks, 8 sessions  all programmes have the format of movement, relaxation and peer exchange  in each programme the movement/physical activity element will be based on either fitness & strength, Pilates, or yoga  gradually progress, go at your own pace, with friendly encouragement but no pressure 45 mins movement,...

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The Benefits of Guided Relaxation – Fitness and Wellbeing Perth – Scotland All-Strong

The Benefits of Guided Relaxation - Fitness and Wellbeing Perth - Scotland All-Strong You've had a great workout, invigorated your body, enjoyed some endorphins and released some stress - you've challenged yourself to do it and you've won! Focussed breathing and full-body stretching follow, soothing the nervous system and easing the muscles. Then lie comfortably, lavender-scented pillow optional, and let the eyes fall shut. And here begins the guided relaxation - a time to enjoy a complete rest, a short journey into stillness. 'But I don't need that,' some might muse, 'I relax in front of the TV almost every night, or...

Scotland All-Strong – An Overview

Scotland All-Strong - An Overview As a non-profit community interest company, our purpose is to provide and promote positive experiences of fitness, strength and mindful relaxation for mental health as well as physical benefits and overall wellbeing.  Scotland All-Strong will provide that essential first step into or back into mindful physical activity, for mental health benefits and total wellbeing, providing a positive experience for hundreds of local residents each year that will empower them to take more control over their health and fitness in the longer term, for the self-management and recovery from anxiety, depressions, chronic stress and low mood. Through our...

Stress Smashers at Scotland All-Strong

Stress Smashers at Scotland All-Strong Fitness to Feel Better - For Mental and Physical Benefits, and Total Wellbeing Most people these days have to deal with some measure of stress as part of everyday life, with triggers and stressful situations coming from all aspects of living, including work, relationships, family, finance, mental and physical health, habits, lifestyle and the world at large. Stress, it seems, is unlikely to ever go away - and so it's our responses and reactions to it that we must learn to develop if we are to function calmly and relax ourselves when faced with difficult situations or...

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7 Benefits of Yoga for Children and Young People

7 Benefits of Yoga for Children and Young People   The need for yoga to help children and young people manage stress and regulate themselves   Research suggests yoga can be a potential tool for children to deal with stress and regulate themselves. Yoga and mindfulness provide training of mind and body to cultivate vibrant health and emotional balance.  Children and young people can use yoga to train the body and mind - ever more important skill to develop in today's society. It helps provide emotional balance for children who must cope with a rapidly changing world fuelled by the development of modern technology. There is...

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Pilates 15 Minute Mindful Moves- Morning Ritual

This is the first of a series of 15 minute mindful movement routines. Do this in the morning, or whenever you need to be energised. Pilates- 15 Minute Mindful Movement Mornings haha- say that fast 5x! This is the first of a series of 15 minute mindful movement routines. Do this in the morning, or whenever you need to be energised. What you need: A bottle of water- Not a rigorous workout here. But if you're like me, drinking enough water is a challenging feat. Take some calming breaths, take your time and drink some water before and after your sequence. Don't rush it, enjoy your...

FARTLEK – More than just a funny word!

FARTLEK - More than just a funny word! Swedish for 'Speed Play,' fartlek is a way to build strength, speed and endurance in a running session, by varying the intensity and length of intervals mixed into a steady-state run based on how you feel and what you're training for. EXAMPLE: You plan to run for 30 mins, and warm-up by jogging for the first 5. From there it's up to you! You choose the distance and speed of each interval. Sprint 100m to a park bench, then go back to a jog or your usual running pace to recover. Next you might aim...