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Mind & Body Fitness


We are super-excited and very pleased to announce that our app, All Strong Mind & Body, has gone live and is now available for download in the app stores! ALL STRONG Mind & Body is a community dedicated to recovery, self-management and thriving in relation to all aspects of mental wellbeing. Connect with like-minded others through a great range of activity and interest groups, allowing us to share the journey as we each develop our individual boxes of self-management tools. All Strong is a place to lift each other up, to not only support each other and ourselves through challenging life events,...

Yoga Nidra: Yogic Sleep

When was the last time you did nothing?  Absolutely nothing!  Once I started practising Yoga Nidra, I realised that I had never done ‘nothing’ in my life. There was always an email to write, a blog post to read, a friend to see, a book to study, a cupboard needing tidied- a never ending to-do list of things that HAD to be completed, although it never was of course.  There was always a million excuses not to lie down, close my eyes, and just be there, not even just for a moment.  Yoga Nidra has helped me to find space between the...

TIME & REP CHALLENGES: An Approach To Home Training

TIME & REP CHALLENGES: An Approach To Home Training So many of us started lockdown with great intentions and high ambitions in regards to home exercise, with the reality and practical aspects of juggling work, self and family life taking the edge off these for many. This in turn has led to feelings of guilt, self-doubt, concern over lost gains, and motivational issues for many. Gyms are doing well to provide content from familiar faces, but the online fitness industry was already giant, and so lack of content is definitely not the issue. We have an exciting development in the works to...

PROGRAMME LAUNCH: Fitness to Feel Better, with Scotland All-Strong

Fitness to Feel Better, is a small-group 8 week programme to support the recovery from, early intervention and self-management of common mental health conditions. This unique peer support initiative blends the powerful self-management tools of physical activity, mindful relaxation and peer exchange into comfortable small-group sessions in a fully-private and inviting setting. WHAT? 8 weeks, 8 sessions  all programmes have the format of movement, relaxation and peer exchange  in each programme the movement/physical activity element will be based on either fitness & strength, Pilates, or yoga  gradually progress, go at your own pace, with friendly encouragement but no pressure 45 mins movement,...

Wellbeing – Feeling Better than Fine, with Scotland All-Strong!

Scotland All-Strong is a non-profit fitness and wellbeing studio, providing and promoting fitness, strength, relaxation and peer support for the improved mental and physical wellbeing of the people of Perthshire. Wellbeing - Feeling Better than Fine! 'How are you?' - a short question with infinite answers. With both physical and mental wellbeing, things are rarely as simple and neat as healthy or unhealthy. In the absence of any clear illness, symptom or condition, there is still a huge range of ways to feel, an endless array of energies we can bring to our experiences and daily lives. Often it seems there can...

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The Benefits of Guided Relaxation – Fitness and Wellbeing Perth – Scotland All-Strong

The Benefits of Guided Relaxation - Fitness and Wellbeing Perth - Scotland All-Strong You've had a great workout, invigorated your body, enjoyed some endorphins and released some stress - you've challenged yourself to do it and you've won! Focussed breathing and full-body stretching follow, soothing the nervous system and easing the muscles. Then lie comfortably, lavender-scented pillow optional, and let the eyes fall shut. And here begins the guided relaxation - a time to enjoy a complete rest, a short journey into stillness. 'But I don't need that,' some might muse, 'I relax in front of the TV almost every night, or...

Stress Smashers at Scotland All-Strong

Stress Smashers at Scotland All-Strong Fitness to Feel Better - For Mental and Physical Benefits, and Total Wellbeing Most people these days have to deal with some measure of stress as part of everyday life, with triggers and stressful situations coming from all aspects of living, including work, relationships, family, finance, mental and physical health, habits, lifestyle and the world at large. Stress, it seems, is unlikely to ever go away - and so it's our responses and reactions to it that we must learn to develop if we are to function calmly and relax ourselves when faced with difficult situations or...